Developer Windows

Under the Developer Window TCA works as a project developer in OSBP and ICT for Trade projects to syndicate resources for supporting in areas such as industrial land and supply of equipment. Such projects include:

  1. Support to One Stop Border Posts– ‘For OSBP A’ ,TCA would utilize its funding to provide credit enhancement structures that would allow a Development Finance Institution (DFI) to invest the debt required to develop the project. TCA will use the funding to develop the project and once developed debt raised would be repaid with interest through charging an additional fee on trucks for a specific number of years (between 7 and 10 years). Our preliminary calculations show that to recover the investment a user charge of around USD 30 per vehicle would be needed while the likely economic benefit for the users would be in the range of USD 200.
  2. Support to Industrial Parks– After conducting detailed feasibility studies of potential projects, both TMA and TCA work together, where TCA works on getting a zone operator and tenant/investors to build grain handling, processing and storage facilities through syndicating DFI capital. Some projects which TCA will consider are Kilifi Eco Industrial Park, Oserian Park in Naivasha and Jinja Industrial Park in Uganda.
  3. Support to provision of Trade Facilitation Equipment – TCA works to provide a range of trade facilitation related equipment to improve trade efficiency such as scanners, weigh in motion bridges, and port equipment through capital leases to prevent trade from slowing down due to the lack of availability of such equipment at key points along key trade corridors.
  4. Support to Digital Trade Systems– TCA explores development of digital platforms for trade between Kenya and Europe that aim to eliminate paperwork and introduce much better visibility up and down supply chains. TCA looks to create the platform and then charge user fees per transaction to recover the costs associated with developing the platform. On the digital trade system detailed stakeholder discussions on system design are underway and the platform development will begin post this.